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Sharing Pet Care

Invite household members, friends, caretakers, and neighbors to become Pet Parents and Guardians to help coordinate care for your pet and to receive critical safety alerts about your pet.

Pet Documents

Are your pet's essential deets scattered all over the place on little bits of paper? Take a few snapshots and store vaccines, medications, microchip info, and other factoids in one safe place in the Pawscout App. Share with your pack with a few clicks.

SMS/Text Alerts

Never miss a pet safety alert in the Pawscout App. Tag and safety notifications will go straight to your phone (and those of your Pet Parents and Guardians) via text. Super important if your pet goes missing while you're away or unavailable, or if you do not keep the Pawscout App open on your phone.

Boosted Lost Pet Poster

Boost your post so that any Pawscouter who comes within 5 miles of your pet's last-known location will receive an alert and directions about how to contact you. Print your Lost Pet Poster and post it near all of your pet's favorite haunts.

Scan History

See a thirty-day location history for your Pawscout Bluetooth Tag. For Pawscout QR Codes, see all locations where your tag was scanned.

Tag Safety Check

Check your Tag’s firmware status and battery level with a simple scan (Pawscout Bluetooth Tag only).

Our Plans:

Real-time alerts, boosted posts, priority support, and more.

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Put Your Best Paw Forward

Pro Free
Unlimited Pet Creation
Worldwide Map View
Community Pet Finder
Walk Tracking
Distance Estimator*
Outdoor Virtual Pet Leash*
Digital Profile
Medical Profile
Pet-Friendly Places
Pet Social Network
SMS/Text Alerts
Scan History
Unlimited Guardians and Pet Parents
Tag Safety Check*
Priority Support
Boosted Lost Pet Post
Printable Lost Pet Poster
Pet Documents
*Only works with the Pawscout Bluetooth Tag

How to subscribe?

Download the free Pawscout App, buy a Pawscout Tag for a few dollars, and subscribe.

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